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Lion Art Leo ♌︎


Lion Art Leo ♌︎

(July 23 – August 22)

  • 9 x 12 inch Original Etching on Copper Plate – printed on Rives BFK archival paper.
  • Available in Giclée Prints in 5×7, 8.5×11, and 16×20 inches matted in Yellow and Red only.
  • Original Etchings in 16×20 and 18×24 inches are available in Yellow and Red, Sepia, Blue and Green, Red and Purple and Black Paper with Silver Ink and Custom
  • For Original Etchings only: If you would like different choices of Mat Color, Paper Color, and Ink combinations  – Please Choose the “Custom” Option the Color section and message me and I can work with you to create your vision.
  • Shipping and Handling for 5×7 inch, 8.5×11 inch and Matted 16×20 Giclée Prints are 1-3 Business Days
  • Shipping and Handling for Original Etchings in 16×20 Matted and 18×24 Double Matted with Copper Remarque is 5-10 Business days and are usually made to order.
  • Return Policy: All Purchases are Final.
  • Lion Art Leo is apart of my Zodiac Series.
Lion Art Leo

Leo the Lion is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It associates with the element fire. The sign of Leo is represented by the lion. In essence, those whose sign are Leo are known for their sense of pride & leadership.

Therefore, their famous characteristics include: Brave, Playful, Leader, Fun, Warm, Protective, Generous, and Charismatic.

On the other hand Leos can also can be Egotistical, Dominating, Stubborn, Controlling, A Show-off, & Vain.

Historically, in Greek Mythology the constellation Leo It’s name is Latin for lion. Subsequently for the ancient Greeks represented the Nemean Lion killed by the hero Heracles meaning ‘Glory of Hera’ as one of his twelve labors.

Most iconically, its symbol is Leo.svg

In Heraldry the lion is a common charge. Traditionally, the lion symbolizes courage, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness and valor, because historically it is the “king of beasts”.

Certainly Richard the Lionheart credits with originating the English crest of a lion statant.

For more information on the astrology mythology and historical origins of Lion Art Leo Click Here

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    5 x 7 inch Print, 8.5 x 11 inch Print, 16 x 20 inch Matted Print, 16 x 20 inch Matted Original Etching, 18 x 24 inch Matted Original Etching with Copper


    Yellow and Red, Sepia, Blue and Green, Red and Purple, Black and Silver, Custom